Our Top-Rated Christian Sex Therapists love Jesus, know the Bible, and therefore are clinically competed in the best, evidence-based guidance methods.

Our Top-Rated Christian Sex Therapists love Jesus, know the Bible, and therefore are clinically competed in the best, evidence-based guidance methods.

we are able to assist to troubleshoot the most challenging struggles that any few faces inside their sex-life, including low libido, pain while having sex, impotence problems, early ejaculation speed dating Vermont, and orgasm problems.

Christian Intercourse Therapy

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Will you be struggling into the intimate section of your life or wedding? Our Christian Sex Therapists will help enhance intimate connection and self- confidence, enhance desire, and conquer challenges.


Uncover the pleasure the human body had been meant to experience. It’s possible. Our intercourse specialist can show you the way.

Desire Disputes

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Sick and tired of experiencing rejected over and over repeatedly? Discover ways to resolve desire distinctions, for genuine, no-losers design.

Improve Closeness

Wedding is meant to be packed with sexual passion and fulfillment that is mutual. Should your wedding is not, we are able to fix that.

Improve Communication

Dont feel heard or comprehended? Prevent conflict such as the plague for anxiety about a yelling match? Lets learn how to talk.

Christian Intercourse Treatment at MyCounselor

Common Sex Challenges

Our Licensed Professional Therapists are highly experienced in walking with individuals through the darkness of despair, to a renewed feeling of hope and joy.

Desire Distinctions

Experiencing rejected intimately hurts. It could keep you experiencing unloved, unwelcome, accountable, and insufficient. In the long run these emotions erode away in the love in a relationship, ultimately making it distant and cold.

In 80% of partners the spouse may be the higher desire spouse, one other 20% (1 in 5 couples) the spouse desires intercourse more often. The desired frequency for sexual connection is different between spouses in about 100% of couples.

So how do you realy navigate desire variations in means that seems good to both and does not leave anyone feeling rejected? We are able to assistance with that.

Desire problems: not enough sexual interest or Interest in Sex

Female Sexual Interest Disorder

Absent or reduced curiosity about sex, thoughts, or fantasies. Reduced or no initiation of intercourse.

Male Hypoactive Sexual Interest Condition

Reduced or missing intimate ideas, dreams, and wish to have sexual intercourse.

Intimate Satisfaction

A lot of people dont aspire to do things they dont enjoy. Therefore, it often if you REALLY enjoy sex youll want to do. In the event that you dont you wont.

Jesus designed the human anatomy to love sex feminine figures much more than male if you dont love sex, one thing is incorrect. The reason possibly something biological or an extremely reaction that is normal certainly one of a few typical life experiences that may block off the road of intimate satisfaction. Or, you merely may well not understand how to relate solely to and luxuriate in your system.

Anorgasmia, untimely ejaculation, impotence problems, not enough arousal, and intimate naivety are simply a number of the dilemmas we commonly treat. In any case, our intercourse practitioners know just how to troubleshoot your sexual problems and form an idea to cause you to a rather fulfilling sex-life.

Orgasm Disorders Delay or lack of Orgasm (Climax)

Arousal problems: failure to become physically aroused or excited during intercourse

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Missing or paid off sexual excitement or pleasure during many sexual intercourse. Not enough intimate interest or arousal as a result to external or internal cues, such as for example a spouses tries to start activity that is sexual.

Male Sexual Arousal Condition

Difficulty attaining or keeping real arousals, such as erections (ED), or ejaculation that is prematurePE).

Physically Painful Intercourse

Intercourse should not hurt. Yes you could enjoy some playful roughness, however it should not really harmed. Healthier individuals dont enjoy real discomfort, therefore if sex actually hurts or perhaps is really uncomfortable youre not going to savor intercourse. Therefore youre perhaps not planning to wish to have intercourse along with your partner.

Theres lots of reasons why sex may be uncomfortable or painful we makes it possible to troubleshoot just what the problem is and provide you with practical solutions for fixing it.

Soreness disorders Soreness during sex (Dyspareunia)

Atrophic Vaginitis

Genital atrophy as a result of low estrogen amounts


Pain which can be restricted especially to your vestibule that is vulvar discomfort during the opening associated with the vagina (previously called The Vulvar Vestibulitis Syndrome)

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